The Locker Room Encounter

By on November 30

Gay Erotica - The Locker Room Encounter

Two college baseball jocks, after having lost a home game, find comfort in each other in the locker room when nobody’s around.

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Best buds Neil and Ryan play on their college baseball team and they’ve always had a secret crush on each other, but neither of them have ever been able to gather up enough courage to make a move. One night, after they lose a crucial game, all the guys leave the locker room in a somber mood and Neil and Ryan are the last two guys left behind. One thing leads to another and they finally get what they’ve always wanted: hot, wicked sex! Right up against the lockers, Neil and Ryan test the boundaries of friendship and discover just how close they really are!


It all happened so quickly, and Ryan was not even sure how they’d suddenly changed directions, but he was grateful for the path that they were on.

They were finally getting somewhere.

Neil had an intense look in his eye. It was a look that was filled with hunger and desire; a look that told Ryan that he wanted him to get closer.

And so he did…

Ryan ventured in further, reluctantly at first, but then with determination and soon, he and Neil were face to face, each breathless and consumed with potent desire.

Their time had finally come…

They were alone in the locker room…

They were both interested…

The silence that hung in the air between them was agonizing. They were like two animals, sizing each other up. At any moment, one or the other would pounce, claiming their roles as prey and predator. He who made the first move would automatically become predator and therefore, the aggressor.

“Go lock that door,” Neil finally said, crowning himself the aggressor.
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